Obsessive people make great art

Question: Who cares about how many milligrams each page of your corporate brochure weighs, the deepness of the shadows in a website photo, the spacing of the letters in your corporate brochure, the effects of the colours used on your logo, or the position of a single pixel on your corporate portrait shots?

Answer: Hálló Digital


As a given, our technical team will assure your website will have all the functionality and security you’ll need. Each page configuration is carefully thought through with the customer experience heavily in mind. Once we have the structure, we begin to work on the design.

Our designers are obsessed with creativity and, right from the onset, give a radiant shine to your products and services. But they don’t just stop there. Through their understanding of the science of colorology, neuromarketing and the importance of what hardware the viewer is using, the team deliver a site which offers complete clarity about your products/services.

—Our custom websites make your customers do more than look twice


As branding is the distinctive visual representation which connects all your marketing material, it is paramount that it reflects your business and its marketplace. Get this wrong and your business may fall apart, so powerful is the branding influence.

There are many complex components that make up a professional brand design. Hálló Digital works through all the essential tools and details they need – typography, imagery, font, colour – to offer you a unique, distinctive and relevant image.

Hálló Digital have created logos and sub-brand logos for Virgin, Phones4u, Meg Rivers and many more, so you know you are in safe hands.

—Every detail is considered thoughtfully, even down to the curves on a button


Even in a digital world, a need for the physical still exists

Surely, you may be thinking, a website will contain enough information for my customers? In a digital world, everything is at our fingertips - we can scan pages in seconds. But for the detail it is often, in fact, best to provide print.

—A printed brochure is the perfect support for your online marketing efforts


We've created packaging to case everything from pond products to cameras. Our innovative packaging designs and solutions cover everything from ensuring they are economical, don't fade and stand out from the competition.

Business cards

We recognise that a business card is often the first exposure to the overall image of the business. Design, texture, weight are all important factors to making sure your name and services makes a great impact.


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