Choose us for a high-performing, stable and secure platform that is more visible than other hosting providers.

Trusted by our clients, large and small, you can rely upon us to provide one of the best web hosting services for your organisation’s needs. We understand the importance of reliability and being able to contact someone for technical support.

Our UK- and Germany-based servers are selected for providing fast speeds which maximise the performance of SEO and UX. In addition, we offer a range of Backup and Failover options to ensure you have dependable uptime.

The essential server and domain management

A website, however awesome it may appear, can be unreliable without a compatible host provider.
If it goes down at any time, as well as the loss of sales / leads, Google may devalue the organic search results in the future.

The technical team at Hálló Digital have extensive knowledge and resources to build amazing digital experiences. These, in turn, will bring increased value to your websites, your teams and your customers. Our aim is to create the right infrastructure behind your website to give your business a competitive edge over others in your market and scalability to allow for future business growth.

It is this simple: Pick the wrong host and you will end up by paying for more than bad service. Choose the right one and you will get speed, reliability and data security.

Hálló server package offer superb hosting performance for all your projects, even with high workloads. We offer a range of packages to fit startups to the bluest of bluechip enterprises.


99.9% uptime. Advanced - PHP 8.1 with JIT compiler.


SSL and DDoS protection, additional encryption on CMS.


Optional dedicated hosting with RAID Storgage with Railgun CDN.

Backup servers

Superior performance is driven by our Linux server to deliver content, apps and services to our clients. There is a daily backup regime, including clone backup and a firewall. We also offer a ‘hot-swap’ backup system on independent hosting to provide additional safeguarding if required.

Failover servers

As well as our hosting service, we offer a Failover Server, a secondary server which can automatically take over if your primary server crashes. When the main server is back up, it automatically switches back.

Clone Server

The ultimate setup for clients that need to avoid website downtime

99.9% uptime

When you can't afford downtime then contact us about our Intelligent Failover Servers


—Hálló are the most professional of all the website host services we've used.

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