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No business should overlook the digital channels to generate leads and convert interest into sales. The geographical and time boundaries are limitless and yet you’ll have the ability to interact with each customer every step of the way. You can reach a global audience in a way that is cost-effective, measurable and scalable – but for less money!

People really care about their whole shopping experience

So, we know the marketplace is competitive. While you can gain a few customers through word of mouth and customer recommendations, the real trick is to show up in the places that your customers spend time. Let these stats, which look at just two major platforms, help to convince you:

  • Instagram has around 30.6 million users in the UK
  • Over 1 billion people around the world use Instagram and spend an average of 28 minutes each day on the app
  • YouTube is the internet largest search engine that is used by 30 million people every day, accounting for 37% of all mobile internet traffic
  • 46% of women use YouTube in the UK vs 54% of men


— engagement.

Cha-ching - The power of personas to drive sales

To gain the edge on your marketplace, Hálló Digital uses marketing personas. These are fictional buyers who represent the typical demographics, motivations and buying behaviours of your market segment. Once created, these personas help us to find the most effective ways to reach out to your valuable leads.

Our unique AI (artificial intelligence) software gives us valuable insights into your website visitors. We also look at your competitors’ traffic, identifying potential gaps they might have that would bring useful marketing opportunities to you. A keyword SEO audit then establishes what keywords you can capitalise on and what traffic you might be missing. At the same time, we consider alternative social media channels to see which ones may boost activity. We explore the tone of voice being used, ensuring copy and text for all web and social reflects the type of customer you hope to attract.

From our experience, personas perfectly align you with your customers. They also focus your organization on precisely who your target customer is, how they think before making a purchase decision and what value added are you giving them in their lives.

—Break geographical boundaries – reach out to new customers

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